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50 Yard Work Parties


  !!!WE NEED YOU!!!

We need to finish the 50 yard range before winter. We are having six big work parties on the following three weekends:
Sat. & Sun Oct 28 & 29
Sat & Sun Nov 11 & 12
Sat & Sun 18 (starts at 2 due to the turkey shoot) & 19
Please bring tape measure, hammer, basic hand tools, extension cords, etc
Let’s Finish the range so we can shoot on the 50 yard range this year!
Remember a skeleton crew is working 9am M- F everyday.
Please help out if you can.

Tickets have been mailed out to all club members for our fall raffle. If you need more they are available at the club. If you are a non club member the club house is open Tuesday nights from 3 pm until around 7 pm and the first and third Thursdays of each month during our normal club meetings from 5 pm – 8:30 pm.

Hats and Shirts

We have a new supply of HATS and SHIRTS  $15.00  EACH



Spring Raffle


November Events


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