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The Spurwink Rod and Gun Club Struggle

Much in Cape Elizabeth has changed since 1954, when the Spurwink Rod and Gun Club was founded. The town has changed in land use, demographics, and population; but what has not changed is the underlying desire of the men who founded the club… Read full article.

Today, the officials from the Town of Cape Elizabeth lifted the firing ban that was imposed on us on July 24th. Therefore, we now have a license to use our 25-yard range.

Tomorrow, December 19th, we will be painting and doing cosmetic work. The range will not be open. Please come down if you want to help out.

On Sunday, we will have a soft opening for select members. If you were a financial contributor (or plan on giving on Sunday), or you worked on the range or you are an officer of the club, please join us anytime between the hours of 12pm and 3:30pm.

On Monday, we are open to the general membership.

We want to thank you, our members, for your ongoing passionate support. Without you, this never would have been possible.

Merry Christmas.

Tammy Walter

Mark Mayone
Former President

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