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Club busied with bees, construction

Although the sound of gunfire has not been heard at the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club for more than two months, that does not mean the facility, located on Sawyer Road in Cape Elizabeth, has fallen into complete silence.

Lately, the explosion of ordnance has been replaced by the ping of hammers and the buzz of honeybees.

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Gun club hopes to resume shooting this year

The Spurwink Rod and Gun Club has a schedule for renovations with a goal of resuming live fire on its shortest shooting range by the end of the year.

The gun club started work on a so-called “no-blue-sky shot containment system” at the beginning of the month. Club President Tammy Walter and former President Mark Mayone said they hope to have the work completed on the 25-yard range by the first week of December. Read full article

*Press Release*

The Spurwink Rod & Gun Club takes safety seriously. Three years ago, we unanimously voted to implement a no-blue sky design, a design not at all unlike the design put forward by Rick LaRosa, the shooting range architect from Georgia. Over the last three weeks we have been vigorously building that design on our smallest range.

In order to do this work, we have received some funding from a state grant as well as funding from The Friends of the NRA; we have also increased our dues substantially and we have aggressively been fundraising.

Much has been made of the discrepancies between the widely reported $200,000 to $1 million dollar estimates and our reported funds. The Spurwink Rod & Gun Club would like to emphasize that these estimates can be misleading and reflect start-up costs. The Spurwink Rod & Gun Club owns its own land and his been fortunate to have members who have stepped up with private contributions to purchase materiel and who have been more than generous volunteering to do the unpaid labor required for an effort of this magnitude. Much has been done, much remains to be done, and our need for funds to complete this work continues.

The club cannot overstate the hardships this has placed on us to install this design so quickly. Our commitment to safety has not wavered; a no-blue sky design has been our goal, only the timing and pace have changed. The pressure brought to bear on the club and on the town by a small group of neighbors in Cross hill has created a great burden. This group of neighbors has offered us no support, only condemnation.

On September 14, 2015, the town took the unanimous position to conditionally support the club’s license. The Spurwink Rod & Gun Club would, once again, like to thank them for their dedication, hard work, and fairness. We feel the same way about all the town employees and residents who have offered their encouragement and support.

Tammy Walter
Spurwink Rod & Gun Club