* Press Release *

The Spurwink Rod & Gun Club would like to announce that on Friday, July 31st, one week after we were suspended from live fire operations, the club has been given a $10,000 grant from “The friends of the NRA”. With this generous grant and the continuing efforts of the club membership, the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club can continue to enhance the safety of our club through shot containment.
The Spurwink Rod & Gun Club was suspended from live fire operations on July 24, 2015 based on a report by a Georgia-based range safety evaluator. A previous inspection, completed by a Maine-based range safety evaluator, has reported that the club can, and does, operate safely.

We feel it’s important to note that the out of state range safety evaluator has submitted a report, conducted several months ago, and much has been done in the interim. The conclusion of this report does state that our club shooting area is suitable for live fire operations with additional safety mechanisms in place and this grant provides the financial means to further our efforts.
The Town Of Cape Elizabeth and the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club both share the same goal of providing the community with a safe, modern range. We would like to thank the Town of Cape Elizabeth for its efforts and the many people across the town, the state, and the country who have expressed their support. We look forward to the day when the club can re-open to continue its many good works and be a source of pride for the community.

Tammy Walter
Spurwink Rod & Gun Club