The final push is on to finish our 50 yard range. Work resumes on Saturday May 12th at 8 am. Work will continue all summer long until the 50 yard is completed. We need volunteers to commit time every week. If we get enough people to volunteer on a weekend, we will shut the range down to have a work party.
Contact Tim Lindsay at 303-8388 or Mark Mayone at 805-4691.
Your club needs you!!
At this time, work takes precedence over shooting, so the range may close on only a days notice depending on available labor.
Check our website or Facebook page for range closures.
Thank you and lets make this happen!!

Things needed for this Work Party

1. Cordless drill with screw driver bits.
2. Cordless skill saw
3. Tape measure
4. Hammer
5. Crowbar
6. Steel rakes
7. Fan rakes
8. a couple of Leaf blower with properly mixed fuel
9. 14 volunteers
10. At least 1 skilled carpenter
11. A couple of tarps to help move leaves
12. People willing to hang sheets of steel for the 50 yd. range

Please be sure to mark your tools.

Bagels and cream cheese will be provided. Coffee, soda and water will also be available!